Several members of thePIgroup have assisted their states in the writing or
re-writing of their state's Private Investigator PI licensing examination tests.

Contact them to be pointed in the right study direction. Some have valuable advice, others have formal study material.

We can assist with California, New York, Nevada, Washington, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, and Missouri.

Missouri Private Investigator
License Examination Test:

missouri private investigator license test

State PI license testing details, Missouri-

--2 hours allowed to complete test

--75 questions on test

--multiple-choice answers

--approximately 55 questions are on general rules
and regulations (state laws) for State of Missouri

--approximately 20 questions are on general private investigations

--testing offered once every month in Jefferson City,
usually on a Tuesday

--70% correct required to pass

--testing is done on paper

--results usually issued the same-day as test

--Testing areas include
general rules and regulations
(state laws) for the State of Missouri,

Missouri began licensing Private Investigators in January 2010.

Employees of PI agencies are licensed but do not take the licensing test.

Our copyrighted and detailed
Missouri PI Study Material & Business Help
MO PI Super Package'
(numbered below for easy discussion if you call us!)

1. --full general MO PI licensing information--

2. -- Initial information,
Board of Private Investigator Examiners--

3. --Board Members,
Board of Private Investigator Examiners--

4. --Application for Private Investigator license--

5. --Application for Private Investigator Agency license--

6. --Application for Additional Private Investigator license--

7. --Application for Private Investigator Trainer--

8. --Application for Licensed Agency Investigator Employee--

9. --study material:
2011 version, Missouri Code of State Regulations,
copy of the applicable portions, 40 pages

10. --study material:
2011 version, Missouri Revised Statutes,
copy of the applicable portions, 46 pages

11. --study material:
More than 100 practice questions,
with verified correct answers

12. --and much, much more!--

Contact us for information about our detailed
Missouri PI licensing and test preparation package.

Missouri private investigator license test study practice on-line computer simulator practice questions test

Also available is our on-line training and simulated practice license test question
computer sessions for the Missouri Private Investigator PI license examination test,
a simulator to a computer-testing environment and the time limitations to answer.
See for more information about on-line training.

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