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Illinois Private Detective License Examination Test
testing prep course information and study material

Illinois private detective test for license examinationIllinois private detective license test studt material practice questions

A test so tough that, unlike most other states,
Illinois makes you pass their private detective license test
you can apply for a Illinois private detective license!

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Illinois Private Detective license testing details-

--90 minutes allowed to complete test

--you sit in a big room with hundreds of other test-takers

--75 questions on test

--multiple versions of test ('Test D', etc)

--multiple-choice answer choices

--you have only 72 seconds per question to:
A) read and comprehend the entire question;
B) read through each of the answer choices;
and C) decide on the best answer choice.

--70 questions or more correct is required to pass

-- testing is twice a year, in Chicago:
in 2013- March 9

--results by mail in two to 4 weeks, or can check by Internet

--results tell your score, Pass or Fail, and your strength/weakness areas of 5 topic areas

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Are you ready for these Illinois private detective test question topics?
--Testing areas include: Illinois state law; IDFPR; federal law; legal terminology;
crimes and criminal statutes; court practices and procedures; Illinois constitution;
Latin legal terms; advertisements; surveillance techniques; bribery; Supreme Court;
constitutional and police powers; firearm regulations and requirements; ballistics;
licensing & practice requirements; case management; analysis reporting & presentation;
legal authority and limits; investigative practices and procedures; PERC; employees;
professional misconduct and penalties; eavedropping and privacy protections; torts;
license qualifications and training; business practices; recordkeeping and reporting;
license violations and penalties; gathering information; evaluating crime scenes;
reporting; presentation; using sources of information; firearm training and use;
insurance; hearings; employees; safety; rules and regulations; court testimony;
evidence collection and protection; interviewing and introduction; crime elements;
surveillance techniques; case management; investigative processes and reasoning;
criminal methods, motives, and trends; conducting special investigations; analysis;
forensic science and technology; reports; presenting evidence; use of informants.

Request next-day delivery for much of Illinois!

Many pages of datasheets with graphics graphics for California PI test enhance our Illinois study material!

You can expect to find on your test:

Federal & State Law 23 Questions-
1. Crimes and criminal statutes
2. Court practices and procedures
3. Constitutional and police powers
4. Firearm regulations and requirements
5. Professional misconduct and penalties
6. Eavesdropping and privacy protections

Licensing & Practice Requirements 12 Questions-
1. Qualifications and training
2. Business practices
3. Recordkeeping and reporting
4. Violations and penalties

Detective Practices 40 Questions-
Gathering Information 16 Qs-
1. Evaluating crime scenes
2. Collecting and protecting evidence
3. Interviewing and interrogation
4. Surveillance techniques
Case Management 12 Qs-
5. Investigative processes and reasoning
6. Conducting special investigations
7. Criminal methods, motives and trends
Analysis, Reporting & Presentation 12 Qs-
8. Using sources of information
9. Forensic science and technology
10. Presenting evidence and reports

(There is also a different, combined-version test that includes all of the items
on the 'Private Detective' exam and on the 'Private Security Contractor' exam;
2 hours is allowed for this bigger testing, for persons who register for both exams.
It simply adds 40 additional questions, security-related, to the Private Detective exam.
These security questions involve: planning & administration, security survey techniques,
emergency planning and response, personnel administration, work safety and liability,
technology & safety, security video and surveillance systems, intrusion detection,
access control, physical security requirements, security operations, loss prevention procedures,
patrol techniques and traffic control, serving special clients (hotels, retail, banks, hospitals, etc),
criminal methods, motives and trends, crime scene procedures, terrorism, workplace violence,
and more.

Security Practices 40 Questions-
Planning & Administration 10 Qs-
1. Security survey techniques
2. Emergency planning and response
3. Personnel administration
4. Work safety and liability
Technology & Safety 12 Qs-
5. Security video and surveillance systems
6. Fire protection and safety practices
7. Intrusion detection and access control
8. Physical security requirements
Security Operations 18 Qs-
9. Loss prevention procedures
10. Patrol techniques and traffic control
11. Serving special clients (hotels, retail, banks, hospitals, etc.)
12. Criminal methods, motives and trends
13. Crime scene procedures
14. Terrorism
15. Workplace violence

Our Private Detective Package does not include the security portion-- but it too is available.)

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licensure test for Illinois private detectivepractice questions for Illinois private detective PI test

Our copyrighted and detailed

Illinois Private Detective Study Material & Business Help
Illinois Private Detective 2013 Super Package'

1. --full general IL private detective licensing information--

2. --current copy, Illinois Private Detective Act (108 pages)--

3. --current copy, Illinois Private Detective Rules
(applicable sections of the Illinois Administrative Code, 40 pages)--

4. --actual example of an issued examination Pass/Fail report

5. --current copy, Illinois Handbook of Government (113 pages):

--including a copy of the Constitution of the United States (26 pages)

--including a copy of the Constitution of the State of Illinois (31 pages)--

6. --Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation's
2010 formal written statement/decision regarding Computer Forensics
and that if this particular service requires private detective licensing--

7. --copies of applicable code sections, Illinois Compiled Statutes--

8. --sample study questions, with verified correct answers--

9: ***--the 3 vocabulary words that virtually no PI license
could correctly choose the correct definition!--*** 

10: --training information that you won't already
know if you never attended a detective academy--

11: --a 'secret' phone number to use that verbally tells
you the number of the phone you are calling from
(when you need it, it is invaluable)--

PI test illinois detective
12: --information about joining the 4000-member thePIgroup ( free!--
questions for ca PI license test

13: ***--a complete copy from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics of their
'Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition,
Private Detectives and Investigators'--***

14: --
data presented in a keep-you-awake random &
scrambled order of continual topic changes; many parts even repeated
and/or re-worded as to reinforce several less-known items;
redundancy for certain items!

15: --free database searches and/or trial periods from several of the main PI database companies--

16: --dozens of info sheets of items to help you start a PI business NOW--

17: --First Aid, basic instructions--

18: ***--a free consultation with a highly-experienced expert
with 30-years private investigation industry experience--***

19: --Learn some simple things that might make the difference between you being

A: a 'successful IL private detective business'
B: 'just another IL private detective with a license
in your wallet that is doing nothing for you'--

20:--advanced topics not needed for testing
but to implant the
knowledge now that will be needed once your PI business is going!--

21: --free help with your first PI business website or blog!--

22: --copies of the two important government codes
for if you ever do any kind of debt-collection work--

23:--'tricks of the trade' advice, such as
How to get addresses to many unlisted phone numbers instantly and for free!--

24. Known as 'The PI Academy In-A-Box'!

25.--a Frequently Needed Sources for PIs list--

26. --Want to be able to verify the immigration/citizenship status of the
new employees of other businesses for them, through Homeland Security?
Included are the initial details toward obtaining this little-known specialty!--

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28: --can sometimes be shipped immediately (contac
t us for those optional details) --

29: --also used to prepare for the nationwide Certified Master Investigator certification testing--

30. --hundreds of questions to test your Investigative Proficiency --

31. --a copy of the Federal form that requires the Post Office to give
you the Change Of Address information they have on file for your person --

32.--Reminder: the majority of this package is copyrighted material--

33. --What an IL PI must know about the Federal
HIPAA laws or risk getting fined or sent to jail!--

34: -- to-the-point guidelines for proper Report Writing--

35. --examples of forms used in a PI business environment
(Client Intake sheet, Contracts, Non-compete / Non-competition agreement,
Confidentially agreement, Independent Contractor agreement, etc)


Use for some of their wording, legal terminology and ideas; modify as needed.

36. --the correct employee tax terms, and sample tax forms,
that most new businesses are confused by (9 pages)--

37. --verifying eligibility of your employees to work in the US:
the proper federal form to use, and instructions
for its completion & required retention (6 pages)--

38.--case/client management software listings

39: --free help with your first PI business webpage!

40.--information on the #1 book to add to your PI library
(and it's less than $20!)

41. --Homeland Security and a PI licensing bureau developed
a wallet-sized reference for helping to spot that a potential client,
or someone you observe while on surveillance, might be a terrorist.

42. --How to quickly get a 'social security number' (an E-I-N) for your business,
so you don't have to give out your personal social security
number to your business & government clients)

--and more!--

(Contact us for information about our detailed
Illinois Private Detective licensing
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Illinois Private Detective license test secret #1:

Understand that you must know the data needed to pass
every one of all issued different 75-question tests.

(so knowing only 100 questions is a waste of time!)

We see it every year or two!

Over and over, yet another guy who passes the license test
decides to offer 'test prep help' because he passed the test.
Sadly, even if he remembered every question that was on his test,
that doesn't cover the many other versions of the test.

Their intentions are good, but that's not enough.

Your connection for CA PI test help: Avoid the clowns.
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Simulated Testing

for the Illinois
Private Detective
licensure exam

Illinois private detective license test study material and on-line computor simulator practice questions

Also available is our on-line text that includes simulated practice license
test questions for the Illinois Private Detective PI license examination test,
a simulator to a computer-testing as it advises the time limitations to answer each.

See for more information about this option.


flashcards for california private investigator license exam test

Also available are our FlashCards of vocabulary and practice license test
questions for the Illinois Private Detective PI license examination test.

Pocket-sized as to study anywhere you go,
they include instructions for studying them using the 'Leitner System'
(a proven way of increasing the retention of data from flash cards).

These are NOT generic 'nationwide' PI flashcards!

BONUS: Pass with our material, website for private patrol operator we can make you a simple webpage FREE!
(If you don't have a webpage, the public & businesses can't find you to hire you.)

From a 25-year teacher of license test questions and business help:

CA PI license test exam

WORST possible study methods:
1) Seminars, and 2) studying with multiple-choice questions
(low retention percentage, too many words per actual needed knowledge)

BEST possible study method:
reading Question/Answer, Question/Answer
, Question/Answer,  . . .
(direct to memory, higher word priority)

Why do so many applicants fail the Illinois
Private Detective license examination exam?

See if you can answer these state-issued practice questions:

(All questions on these examinations are multiple choice with
one correct answer; choose the BEST answer to each question.
These questions are provided for information purposes only; questions much like these
will be on the tests, but none of these questions will be repeated on the examinations.)

1. Which of these is NOT an element of robbery?
A. Threatening the imminent use of force
B. Permanently depriving another of property
C. Using force in the presence of another person
D. Taking property in the presence of another person

2. Which of these is a written order from a court directed to a peace officer, or to
some other person specifically named, commanding that a person be placed under arrest?

A. A writ of habeus corpus
B. A summons
C. A subpoena
D. A warrant

3. The Illinois Constitution guarantees that a person may be imprisoned
for failure to pay a criminal fine only when which of the following occurs?

A. The person has failed to file an appeal.
B. The person has been convicted of fraud.
C. The person has willfully failed to make payment.
D. The person is six months behind in an installment plan for repayment.

4. A firearms training course
A. must be taught by an instructor and in a school with approval
from the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
B. must be taught by a licensed private detective or private security contractor.
C. may be waived if the applicant has any military experience.
D. must be completed by all detective and security personnel.

5. Which of these is the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation authorized
to do when it becomes aware of an individual who is not practicing in accordance with
the act and rules governing private detectives and private security contractors?

A. Suspend a license immediately followed by a hearing within 30 days
B. Petition the circuit court in the county where the individual resides to
impose fines and penalties for each day the licensee continues to practice
C. Issue a warrant for the arrest of the individual for violation of the act and rules
D. Subpoena the individual and all agency employees to appear at a hearing that must be held within 10 business days

6. Who is eligible to be authorized to operate eavesdropping equipment?

A. Only active duty law enforcement officers
B. Any retired or active duty law enforcement officer
C. Any licensed private detective or security contractor
D. A retired law enforcement officer who is certified by the Illinois State Police

7. Which of the following does NOT appear on an agency employee's identification card?

A. The date of issuance
B. The employee's date of licensure
C. The signature of the person's employer
D. A personal description of the employee

8. How many employees must a registered agency have to be licensed and regulated
under the act and rules governing private detectives and private security contractors?

A. One
B. Two
C. Five
D. Ten

9. Which of these accurately describes the consequence of failing to notify the
Department of Financial and Professional Regulation of a change of address?

A. The employee registration cards of all agency employees expire immediately after the change of address.
B. The agency’s license automatically expires 30 days after the change of address.
C. The individual’s license is suspended 90 days after the change of address.
D. Practicing with an expired license may result in disciplinary action.

10. The characteristic appearance of asphyxia victims will be noted in what portion of the body?
A. Internal organs
B. Extremities
C. Face
D. Chest

11. Which of these refers to statements made during the commission of an offense?
A. Dying declarations
B. Res gestae declarations
C. Inadmissible declarations
D. Nolo contendere declarations

12. Which of these is most essential in a fixed surveillance?
A. Constant communication
B. Long-term memory
C. Patience
D. Agility

13. Which of the following exploits the greed of a victim?
A. Pigeon drop swindle
B. Bank examiner swindle
C. Ignorance swindle
D. Internet phishing

14. Which of the following is LEAST important in managing a case involving informants?
A. Keep documented records of when payments are made to the informant.
B. Offer the informant's services to other investigators.
C. Conduct frequent reviews of the informant's activities.
D. Complete a background check on each informant.

15. How does the Ballistic Identification System help improve investigation of cases involving firearms?
A. By speeding up fingerprint comparisons
B. By testing for atomic absorption discharge
C. By consolidating firearm ownership records
D. By cataloging crime scene firearm evidence

16. Which of these is LEAST important in the security assessment for a personnel department?

A. Who has access to personnel files and records?
B. How are computerized personnel records stored?
C. Are payroll records managed by an outside contractor?
D. Can computer files be accessed from remote locations?

17. Which of the following is the best example of applying a tort law?
A. Armed robbery
B. Residential burglary
C. Malicious prosecution
D. Sexual assault

PPO license test

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pi license califrniafirearm questions for PI license testPI license sexual harassment

Now include a 'Sexual Harassment In The Workplace' section!

Important because this can be a source of lawsuits against
licensed Illinois Private Detectives and/or their clients.

Including datasheets of:
--What is Sexual Harassment?
--Examples of Sexual Harassment
--When is the Employer liable for Sexual Harassment?
--Methods to reduce or prevent Sexual Harassment
--What is 'Quid Pro Quo' Sexual Harassment?
--What is 'Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment'?
--Federal government-issued information about sexual harassment
--Sexual harassment training of your company supervisors
---and more!

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