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Only we have the complete NEW study material for the 2012-2013 Florida PI license testing!

Florida Private Investigator License Examination Test
business consultation, application help,
license testing details & study material!

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Testing details, Florida-

--exam fee: $100

--re-test fee: $100

--120 minutes allowed to complete test

--100 questions on test

--75% or more correct required to pass

--multiple-choice and true/false

--testing offered in 8 cities

--testing is done on paper

--you have only 72 seconds per question to: FL PI license test study help
A) read and comprehend the entire question;
B) read through each of the answer choices;
and C) decide on the best answer choice.

The examination is administered BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on the
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month between 1PM and 4PM at one or
more of the eight Regional Offices located throughout Florida (listed below).

--results by mail, but some offices
allow you to call in for results later
that day or a few days after the test

--Testing areas include general rules
and regulations involving private
investigators in the State of Florida.
Presented as scenarios and as fact-knowledge questions.
The examination covers those parts of Florida law
that deal directly with the business practices of the
private investigative industry and the legal responsibilities
of the individuals and agencies that work in that industry.

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We have helped more than 300 persons to pass their state license tests in the past year!

The 8 test locations:
(alphabetically, by city)

Ft. Walton Regional Office, 212 Eglin Parkway, S.E., Suite “A”,
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548 850-833-9146

Jacksonville Regional Office, 7825 Baymeadows Way,
Center Building, Suite 106A. Jacksonville, Florida 32256 904-448-4341

Miami Regional Office, 401 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 720-N,
Miami, Florida 33128 305-377-5950

Orlando Regional Office 400 W. Robinson Street, Room 110
Orlando, Florida 32801 407-245-0883

Punta Gorda Regional Office, 230 Bal Harbor Blvd., Suite 111,
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950 941-575-5770

Tallahassee Regional Office, 1851 N M L King Jr. Blvd,
Tallahassee, Florida 32303 850-245-5498

Tampa Regional Office, 1313 Tampa Street, Suite 712,
Tampa, Florida 33602 813-272-2552

West Palm Beach Regional Office,
The Forum, Tower A, Suite 100,
1675 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard,
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 561-640-6149

pi license califrniafirearm questions for PI license testPI license sexual harassment

Now includes a 16-page 'Sexual Harassment In The Workplace' section!

Important not just because there are might be license test questions
about sexual harassment,
but also because this can be a source
of lawsuits against licensed Private Investigators and their clients.

Including datasheets of:
--What is Sexual Harassment?
--Examples of Sexual Harassment
--Methods to reduce or prevent Sexual Harassment
--What is 'Quid Pro Quo' Sexual Harassment?
--What is 'Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment'?
--Federal government-issued information about sexual harassment
---and more!

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Florida Private Investigator
License Examination Test
2012-2013 study material:

study material for Florida PI license testFlorida PI license test private investigator practice questions

Testing, business help, and/or study topics include:

badges; personnel management; use of polygraph; sponsoring; moral character;
use of fictitious names; EPPA; deadly force; firing; theft-level distinctions; Class A licenses;
federal penalties;
Chapter 493; privacy; violations; misdemeanors;
branch offices;
age requirements; surveillances; fiream permits; liability insurance;
Class B licenses; citizenship requirements; business locations; corporations;
mental illness;
fingerprints; post office boxes; direct evidence; Class C licenses;
Advisory Council;
interns; identification cards; advertising;
Class CC licenses; military records; changes of address; renewals; inactive licenses;
reciprocity; mileage; impersonation; Class G licenses; violations; misdemeanors;
use of unlicensed persons;
felonies; forbidden items; civil penalties; Class K licenses;
experience; education; corporate officers; reports; terminations; cease and desist orders;
nolo contendres; fingerprinting; polygraph; employing family members; Class AA licenses;
and more!
(this is not garbage 'generic nationwide' PI information: this is Florida PI specific!)

Our copyrighted and detailed
Florida PI Study Material & Business Help
nearly-5-pound '
FL PI Super Package'
(numbered below for easy discussion if you call us!)

1. --complete printed copies of various pieces of FL PI licensing information--

2. --nearly 100 sample Florida PI practice study questions with verified correct answers-- <<<most valuable
(these are not worthless 'generic nationwide' questions; these are Florida-specific)

3. --A 16-page compilation of key-facts knowledge datasheets:
a 'Sexual Harassment in the Workplace' section--

4. --a complete printed glossary of PI terms--

5. --a complete printed copy of the detailed 493 statutes--

6. --a complete printed copy of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act--

7. --a complete printed copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act--

8. --a complete printed copy of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act--

9. --complete printed copies of more than 100 pages of PI-related 'datasheets'--

10. --a complete printed copy of the Florida Private Investigator Handbook--

--and other items and options!--

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Florida Private Investigator PI licensing and test preparation package choices.

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Florida private investigator test     Florida PI testFL PI test      Pick up yur PI package

Only we have the complete NEW study material for the 2012-2013 Florida PI testing!

Call 818-883-6969 for more information.

Simulated Testing

Florida private detective license examination test computer similator test study questions

Also available is our on-line text that includes simulated practice license test
questions for the Florida Private Investigator PI license examination
test, a simulator to a computer-testing
as it advises time limitations to answer.
See www.thePIgroup.com/seminars.htm for more information about this option.

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CA PI license test questions

Beware of generic 'covers all states' private investigator test advice.

We are NOT the skinny yellow & black paperback book about PI exam secrets written
in Texas and said to be usable for all states-- we have a current edition of that book,
it is nationwide generic and it has very very little to do with what is on the FLORIDA PI test!

Use ONLY material specifically written for the FLORIDA PI license test!


Flashcards for the Florida private investigator license exam test

Also available are our smaller FlashCards of vocabulary and practice license
test questions for the Florida Private Investigator PI license examination test.

Pocket-sized as to study anywhere you go,
they include instructions for studying them using the 'Leitner System'
(a proven way of increasing the retention of data from flash cards)
These are NOT generic 'nationwide PI' flashcards!

Many people have called our many many datasheets with graphics
'like Giant Paper Flashcards'!

Blunt and to the point: there is some worthless 'junk' out there,
promoted as 'helpful for PI tests'. Buyer beware.
Be careful of generic 'good-for-all-states' nationwide material.
We have assisted many who failed after trying alternate choices.

Our material includes 'trigger questions' (related sample questions that
are similar to but not actually connected to any of the multiple PI tests,
planted within as to later prove plagiarism-- catches our competitors every time.
We have successfully shut down 3 plagiarizers-- and they paid our legal bills!

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Seminars, or studying on-line, is an ineffective waste of time.

Reading our high-quality printed paper 2012-2013 Florida PI study materials,
over and over, studying around your daily duties,
or sitting in your car, or even while resting in bed,

FAR more effective then trying
to study 'on-line' or at a 'seminar'.

Do one final review while parked outside
the test location for your FL PI test appointment


    For Individuals
    • "C"- Private Investigator
    • "CC"- Private Investigator Intern
    • "M" or "MA"- Manager of a Private Investigative Agency

    For Agencies
    • "A"- Private Investigative Agency
    • "AA"- Private Investigative Agency Branch Office

      But what if an "Individual" wants to operate an "Agency"?
      'Solving the 'C' or 'A' Mystery' below!



An applicant for the Class "C" Private Investigator License must have
in order to qualify for the license. This experience can be acquired through
a combination of actual investigative experience, college course work in a
related field, or internship in accordance with the following three categories
set forth in the statute:

(a) Private investigative work or related fields of work that provided equivalent experience or training.

(b) College course work related to criminal justice, criminology, or law enforcement administration,
or successful completion of any law enforcement-related training received from any federal, state,
county, or municipal agency, except that no more than 1 year may be used from this category.

(c) Work as a Class “CC” licensed intern. This internship is done at a licensed private investigative agency.

Much of this material is copyrighted: many 2012-2013 edition pages bear distinctive colored stamps, dark 'ghost printing' of embedded-word watermarking, hidden inclusions, and/or serial numbers!

Do I want an
Florida PI license test LICENSE' or a 'FL PI license LICENSE'?

Solving the "C or A" Mystery!

The licensing bureau's website does not easily address a common question:
"I am an individual, but I want to operate a PI agency.
So, do I want a 'C license' (Individual')
or do I want an 'A license' (Agency)?
Even more confusing, I can only find test information for 'C testing'!"

Five FL PI members of www.thePIgroup.com were asked for a real-world explanation. They advised:

1. "You would be testing for a C license. The C license is the "regular" private investigator's license.
A C license has to work for an Agency. Therefore the A license is an Agency license. An agency can
have a number of C licensed investigators working for them. If you're working for yourself/by yourself,
then you'll need both an A (agency) and C license. No test for the A license.
Just some paperwork and money."

2."I'm a licensed PI in CA and FL. Unlike most states where a PI can work for him/herself or another
licensed PI as a sub-contractor, or a PI can hire a trainee without a license, in Florida, a PI must work
for an agency.  Sort of like a nurse.  A licensed nurse must work for a hospital or doctor or other
licensed entity.  The same applies to a PI in Florida.  I am a “C” license holder. To work for myself,
I also had to get an “A” license… or go to work for a person or entity that has an “A” license. 
So, if you’re testing for a PI license, you are testing for a “C” license".

3. "C is someone who has to work under an agency.  A is agency and only entity that can advertise,
bid or legally take PI assignments in Florida.  Double the fees."

4. "Class "C" license is required to be a full fledged Florida private investigator. A class "A" license
is required to own a private investigation agency. A PI intern has to have a "CC" license and must
complete a 40 class/test and work full time for two years while employed by a class "A" agency.
Just having a "C" license doesn't allow one to work as a PI. One must be an employee of an "A" licensed agency."

5. "A C licensee cannot do anything apart from the A license. There is no test for a "A" license.
It is an application and proof of a "C" license who owns the agency.
An "A" Licence is for an
Investigative Agency. It can be a person, partnership or corporation. A "C" license is for an individual
who is a private Investigator. A "C" licence must work for and "A" Agency unless you are
employed by only one attorney or attorney office."

From a 25-year teacher of private investigation:

CA PI license test exam

WORST possible study methods:
1) seminars, and 2) studying with multiple-choice questions
(low retention percentage, too many words per actual needed knowledge)

BEST possible study method:
reading Question/Answer, Question/Answer
, Question/Answer,  . . .
(direct to memory, higher word priority)

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Pass the Florida PI license test Avoid the clowns.
Avoid the phonies. FL PI license test

Only www.thePIgroup.com has the 2012-2013 Florida PI study material package!

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It is solely intended for and sold only to applicants for this professional license.
It is expressly NOT for use, tutoring, duplication, training, adaption, or any other use by
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testing agencies and certification agencies, any group use, or any government agency.


Bonus: we also include copies of some public-domain state and/or federal documents
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